This assessment comprises the following steps:

  1. Research proposal draft
  2. Revised research proposal
  3. Draft of presentation slides
  4. Revised presentation slides
  5. Ten-Minute oral presentation

Workshop materials

Find here the materials that we created for the in-class workshops.

Step 1 workshop:

Word-cloud activity

Step 3 workshop:

Good slides

Bad slides

Collaborative activity

Assessment rubrics

Find here the rubrics that we created and used for this five-step assessment:

Research proposal draft rubric

Presentation slides draft rubric

Oral presentation rubric

Book chapter

A more detailed explanation of this project can be found in the following book chapter:

Gaspar, B., & Berti, M. (2019). A multiliteracies-oriented project-based assessment for intermediate FL Italian courses. In G. Gorsuch (Ed.), Tests that second language teachers make and use. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.