Examples and Projects

Examples of students’ projects

Community outreach cards

These cards were designed for university students to help them better manage their time and money and to make better eating choices.

Recipe card: Pesto alla genovese


Recipe card: La pizza italiana

Recipe card: Carbonara

Recipe card: Gnocchi

Recipe card: Latte macchiato

City card: Matera, Europe’s 2019 capital of culture

The goal of this project was to bring awareness to Matera, a southern city of Italy that is often left out of the list of popular cities advertised in media dedicated to those who plan to visit Italy. This card is an invitation to visit the city. It provides some information on prices for places to stay, a typical dish, and things to do. This card was shared with the University of Arizona Italian learners to promote openness to explore southern Italy.

Photos from in-class presentations

Class presentations went beyond the scope of presenting on a topic. Presenters chose a topic that they were passionate about and taught something valuable to their peers. These projects often went above and beyond the requirements, such as in the case of creating a mask of Pulcinella in order to show the color and material to others.

In another project a student wanted to open a fresh pasta store in San Francisco, and as a preparation wanted to explore the possibilities and costs.  This student used Italian pasta stores as examples. Part of a classroom engaging project the presenter designed a pasta making lesson for her peers. 

End of the semester mini-conference

At the end of the 2017-2018 academic year, we organized a small conference where students shared their research projects in a poster format with the local community. This conference gave students the opportunity to frame their work beyond the classroom context. Students connected with far and local communities.